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Paull Group
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Heritage Wood Samples
RCL-W: Royal Cherry on Walnut
LWL-W: Lt. Walnut on Walnut
ESP-W: Espresso on Walnut
MHL-W: Mahogany on Walnut
Complete Heritage Wood Set
LHT-O: Light Oak on Oak
TFF-O: Toffee on Oak
PBO-O: Portabello on Oak
CRV-O: Cordovan on Oak
RCL-O: Royal Cherry on Oak
LWL-O: Light Walnut on Oak
ESP-O: Espresso on Oak
SMK-O: Smoke on Oak
CRM-O: Cream
SND-O: Sand
Complete Mixx Wood Set
CML-M: Clear on Maple
COL-M: Clear Oak on Maple
AMB-M: Amber on Maple
CHY-M: Cherry on Maple
RCL-M: Royal Cherry on Maple
LWL-M: Lt. Walnut on Maple
ESP-M: Espresso on Maple
MHL-M: Mahogany on Maple
SMK-M: Smoke on Maple
BE-M: Clear on Birdseye Maple
Complete Paull Group Wood Set
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